South Petherton Church of England Infants and Pre-School

South Petherton Church of England Infants and Pre-School


Dear All,

It is hard to know what to write at this time - I just know that I feel devastated that I will not be teaching your children for quite some time. I will miss their smiles and their enthusiasm for learning.  Your children are amazing and I hope amongst all this madness you enjoy learning with your child/children. 

I know how challenging young children can be - especially when they don't have their routines.  Have fun....bake, play board games, play shops, make up dances or shows together.  Your children are very clever and I know they will have some wonderful ideas to keep themselves busy.  

I pray that I will be able to open those doors to you all very soon and see those smiling faces.  In the meantime, please do keep in contact and tell me about all the wonderful things you have been doing at home (send emails through the school) and I will send one back to you. 

Stay safe and keep loving each other.


Please keep coming back to the Woodpecker Class page for ideas for home learning.  


Lots of Love,

Mrs Llewellyn

Good afternoon lovely Woodpeckers,

it has been so lovely reading your emails and seeing all the wonderful things you have been doing - your mummy's and daddy's are doing an amazing job. I have popped the Easter activities on the home learning page.  You do not have to complete them all - they are there for you to enjoy and keep you busy.  

Here is an update on the RWInc. live lessons for the Easter holidays:


3rd March 2020



All lessons shown so far will be replayed during the Easter holidays (excluding Bank Holidays). Once each complete set has been shown, they’ll continue to replay one a day from each set during the summer term. After the Easter holidays, new lessons will be added to help children read words with Set 1 Speed Sounds and spell words with Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds.

 More information can be found here:


Take care,

Mrs Llewellyn x

2nd April 2020

Good Morning Woodpeckers,

What a beautiful day it is.  smiley  I will be putting some lovely Easter activities on the 'Home Learning' page for you tomorrow.  These are for you to do if you would like - to keep you busy.  Here is the email address for school, so you can keep in touch:

Here are some resources you might like to check out: 




Just a reminder - White Rose do a fabulous lessons daily. We use White Rose maths in school, so the children will be familiar with the teaching. 


Stay safe,

Mrs Llewellyn x

Maths Problem of the Day - 3rd April

Maths Problem of the Day - 3rd April 1

Tuesday 31st March

Wow, the last day of March and it really is feeling like Spring.  Have you been out for your daily exercise or been in the garden to look for signs of Spring.  Have a go at drawing/painting a Spring picture.  I would love to see them.  I know how much Woodpeckers love singing, so here is a great resource for you.....perhaps you could put on a show for your family.

Out of the Ark: 

Thank you to all those that have emailed me so far.  If you haven't yet - please do! smiley


Monday 30th March 

Good morning Woodpeckers,

I hope you have had a good weekend and enjoyed some sunshine.  Check out these ideas to develop your science, technology, engineering and maths skills:


Picture 1

Try this art activity

Try this art activity 1

Read Write Inc. Live Lessons 


Read Write Inc. lessons at home from Monday 23rd March on Facebook and YouTube.


Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30am and again at 12.30pm

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10am and again at 1.00pm

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30am and again at 1.30pm.


Note: films won't be available at other times

Poem - 'Anyone seen my dragon?' Enjoy sharing with your family Woodpeckers.

A Christmas Treat

Still image for this video
Year 2 Cohort singing Child In A Manger Born. Happy Christmas to one and all!

Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

'Embracing the Fullness of Life'

John 10:10 "I am come, that they might have life, and that they might have it abundantly."


We are a class of 28 Year 2 children in Woodpecker Class.  Our teacher is Mrs Llewellyn, our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Howes (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Ross (Thursday - Friday). We are lucky to have a beautiful classroom in the main building above the hall.  


We are encouraged to be as independent as possible, from sorting out our own book bags, changing our own reading books and putting away snacks, to selecting resources to support our own learning.


We are very lucky to have caring parents who support us at home with our learning. We have a learning wall in the classroom to celebrate our fantastic work at home and school.  Come and look!


Woodpecker classroom is always busy and we love to try new things.  We are looking forward to more exciting learning and adventures this term!  



WOW! What a week we have had so far.  First, it was a surprise visit from Snow White.  We asked her many questions and found out more about the evil queen and why Snow White loves the dwarfs so much.  Then we had a visit from a parent who could tell us more about koala's and the terrible bush fires in Australia.  What else could possibly happen in Woodpecker Class this week......
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Book of the term:

I am not sure who is more in love with this book - me or the children.  'Inside the Villains' is truly beautiful, with so many layers to it. Everyone will want to get their hands on this book to lift the flaps, peek in pockets, and reveal all of these fairy-tale villains' secrets! For a twist on well-known tales, the giant, the wolf, and the witch each have their own interactive flaps, hiding spots, and a personality card. Dig into this book to see the diabolical thoughts inside the villains' heads, what lurks beneath their disguises, or the victims of their last meals (now comfortably settled inside their stomachs!).

Picture 1

A visit from a deep sea diver. Thank you Mrs Keene!


Weekly homework will consist of:

  • Reading regularly is crucial to children's progress and outcomes.
  • Spellings - there will be a fun weekly quiz (Friday). New spellings will be given out when the your child is ready. This is not a race - we want them to be secure with their spellings, this includes them spelling the words correctly within their writing. 
  • Book reviews - When you have finished your book, we would like you to complete a book review and place it in the 'Book Review' tray. More information will follow...
  • Mathletics - please access mathletics regularly. I would love to see everyone receive mathletic certificates (see link below).
  • Topic related - occasionally I will ask the children to do some research at home, related to our topic.
  • Finally - play outside, make a den, ride your bike, climb a tree and just be a child!! 

Children are expected to read little and often. Studies show that reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children’s educational performance. 

Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.

In fact, reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background.  Sharing a book with your child should be a pleasurable experience, never force a child to read.....we want them to love reading. Read a book to them, if they are reluctant, let them see you reading for pleasure. The most important thing is you have fun. Some ideas to encourage a love of books:

  • visit the library
  • make up stories
  • get children to tell you a story
  • just look at the pictures in a book and describe what you can see
  • make a tent and read books together
  • let them see you reading 
  • have a special time where you share books
Picture 1

Curriculum overview Year 2

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your teachers know?!

Have you seen the Kids' Zone?  Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

Don't forget to use Mathletics...and earn yourself certificates!

Thank you to all our wonderful parents and carers who are supporting the community through this challenging time.