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South Petherton Church of England Infants and Pre-School

Woodpecker - School

Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

'Embracing the Fullness of Life'

John 10:10 "I am come, that they might have life, and that they might have it abundantly."


We are a class of 22 Year 2 children in Woodpecker Class.  Our teachers are Mrs Llewellyn, Monday - Thursday and Mrs Baker on a Friday. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Ross (Monday - Wednesday) and Mrs Bisgrove (Thursday - Friday). We are lucky to have a beautiful classroom in the main building above the hall.  


We are encouraged to be as independent as possible, from sorting out our own book bags, changing our own reading books and putting away snacks, to selecting resources to support our own learning.


We are very lucky to have caring parents who support us at home with our learning. We have a learning wall in the classroom to celebrate our fantastic work at home and school.  Come and look!


Woodpecker classroom is always busy and we love to try new things.  We are looking forward to more exciting learning and adventures this term!  




As we are looking at Poetry this half term - I thought you would be interested in exploring some of the poetry books we will be exploring:


We hope you have had a relaxing Easter break and enjoyed some new-found freedom.  Despite the trials and tribulations of the academic year to date, we are pleased with the resilience the children have shown thus leading to progress we are proud of.  We are very much looking forward to an uninterrupted term of teaching in the classroom (dare we say) and hope the children are ready to take on their final term at South Petherton C of E Infant School with vigour.


In English, we have successfully rolled out the Jane Considine program – ‘The Write Stuff.’  Many of you will have seen me deliver a ‘blended learning’ version of this on Tapestry throughout lockdown.  The program has transformed the way we teach writing, providing a step-by-step framework to convert children into successful writers with an abundance of new vocabulary, grammar and techniques of writing. (Please see our class webpages for more details).  To start the term, the children will be writing a non-chronological report on Big Cats.  We have already started teaching this unit of work and the children have shown real enthusiasm allowing their natural curiosity of the world to come into play and we look forward to sharing their completed work with you.  Following on from this we will be teaching a poetry unit which will culminate with the children writing an independent poem fitting the criteria for The Somerset Literacy Network Poetry Competition – Focus on Faces – with the hope that some will be entered in the KS1 category. 


As professionals we are always looking to improve our approaches to teaching and with this is mind we have been involved in a Maths Hub Program this academic year.  It is funded by the Department for Education and coordinated by the Nation Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) and is supporting us to establish teaching for mastery approaches so that all children develop deep knowledge, understanding and confidence and are well prepared for the KS2 mathematics curriculum.  The positive attitude to mathematics in the classroom is almost palpable and as a result children are thriving in this subject.  Over the course of the term we will be revising the main operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Thereafter, we will update the class webpages on further topics

We will also be participating in World Maths Day on Wednesday 5th May coordinated by 3P learning (Mathletics).  As well as competing online there will be lots of fun activities for the children to take part in throughout the day to highlight the wonders of number. 

New for the Summer Term.


If we have learnt anything over the past year, it is the importance of well-being and mental health in our young children and the need to embed good practices to support them into the culture and ethos of everyday school life.  With this in mind we are pleased to be introducing a whole-school approach to PSHE/Health and well-being through the Jigsaw program which has an emphasis on emotional literacy and resilience.


Weekly homework will consist of:

  • Reading regularly is crucial to children's progress and outcomes. Your children should have or will receive login details for Oxford Reading Buddy. A virtual reading service that develops deeper comprehension skills and makes reading fun!
  • Spellings - there will be a fun weekly quiz (Thursday). You can access the new spellings each week on Readiwriter. This can be accessed through Mathletics website: This is not a race - we want them to be secure with their spellings, this includes them spelling the words correctly within their writing. 
  • Book reviews - When you have finished your book, we would like you to complete a book review and place it in the 'Book Review' tray. Please see below for book review templates.
  • Mathletics - please access mathletics regularly. I would love to see everyone receive mathletic certificates (see link below).
  • Topic related - occasionally I will ask the children to do some research at home, related to our topic.
  • Finally - play outside, make a den, ride your bike, climb a tree and just be a child!! 

Children are expected to read little and often. Studies show that reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children’s educational performance. 

Evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who don’t, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures.

In fact, reading for pleasure is more likely to determine whether a child does well at school than their social or economic background.  Sharing a book with your child should be a pleasurable experience, never force a child to read.....we want them to love reading. Read a book to them, if they are reluctant, let them see you reading for pleasure. The most important thing is you have fun. Some ideas to encourage a love of books:

  • visit the library
  • make up stories
  • get children to tell you a story
  • just look at the pictures in a book and describe what you can see
  • make a tent and read books together
  • let them see you reading 
  • have a special time where you share books

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