South Petherton Church of England Infants and Pre-School

South Petherton Church of England Infants and Pre-School


To all the lovely little Owls,


Can I start by saying that I want to wish you all a happy and safe Easter. I have some exciting things planned for you to work on after the Easter break. In the holidays you can continue to join in with the Read Write Inc sessions on you tube these will be repeats of the previous sessions until the 20th April when new word reading sessions will be added. You can keep practicing your reading using the ebooks on oxford Owl and also on your reading buddy accounts. 

You can also still sing the Spring Chicken song You could also teach your grown-ups the actions 🙂 


I will still be checking Tapestry over the break so please do still keep adding the exciting and fun things you are doing at home. They really do make me smile.


Also my cats Hobbes and Jax like seeing them too. Can you guess which cat is which?




They are both bonkers and keep asking me if I want to go for a fishing trip with them 🙂


I have uploaded a fun Easter pack in the home learning section that you can Complete with your grown-ups or your big brothers and sisters. 

Bye for now. Take care, stay safe and have fun.


love from 

Mrs Farr 😊


Hello to all of my lovely little Owls,


I am so impressed with all of the fun activities you are doing at home with your grown-ups. Here is a link to some lovely singing activities. 

Your grown-ups can click the view activity to read all about the singing and then you can click the videos to join in with some fab songs.

Also you can visit cosmic kids yoga for some fun and interactive stories. my favourites are the squish the fish and the trolls stories.


If you want something more active you can try you could show your grown-ups some of our favourites like banana banana meatball and the chicken dance.


cbeebies have some fantastic story tellers at the moment in their bedtime story section My favourite at the moment is snail and the whale.

My dog Tess is getting very fed up with me being at home and interrupting her naps.


Keep smiling everyone and having fun.

Goodbye for now.

Mrs Farr 🙂

To my lovely group of little Owls,


I just wanted to write a message to you all to say I am sorry that we won’t be together for a while. I will miss seeing you all each school day.


I hope you are enjoying some home learning with your grown-ups. Please do try to have a go at some of the activities I have set for you to do as they will keep you busy and show your grown-ups how much fantastic progress you have made during your time in Owl Class.


I know it might be really hard for you to be staying at home for the moment but hopefully we will all be able to enjoy a lovely summer visiting the beach soon.


Please can you tell your grown-ups that I will be adding new activities every Friday to the Reception Home Learning page and don’t forget you can add your lovely work and adventures on to Tapestry so that I can share in how amazing you are being.


You can keep practicing your phonics by joining in with sessions running on YouTube being lead by Read Write Inc trainers. Each session will be available for 24 hours and are as follows:


Set 1 speed sounds 9:30am and 12:30pm.

Set 2 speed sounds 10am and 1 pm.


You can also have some fun exercising with Joe Wicks everyday at 9am on YouTube or ask your grown-ups to sign up to Go noodle.


Make sure you stay safe and keep washing your hands really well, just like we practiced at school.


I am looking forward to hearing all of your tales when I next see you and I am wishing you lots of fun with your grown-ups.


Lots of love 

Mrs Farr

Welcome to Owl Class.

'Embracing the Fullness of Life'

John 10:10 "I am come, that they might have life, and that they might have it abundantly."


We are grown-up Reception children in Owl Class. Our teacher is Mrs Farr. We also have Mrs Witcombe, Mrs Bagwell and Mrs Young helping us. Our classroom is in the original part of the building and we have our own outdoor area and private doorway into the school. We are very lucky to have our own outside area which we access all day everyday. There are 29 children in our class.


We are very proud of our achievements and enjoy learning to be independent and creative. We like to share our success on our personal display space. Sometimes we work with grown-ups in small groups and other times we learn by exploring our own interests and ideas. The grown-ups make observations and plan activities to help us get better at our learning.


We are very lucky to have caring parents who support us at home with our learning, and help us to get organised when it is time for our class worship. 


Owl classroom is always busy and we love trying new things. We are very lucky to be able to spend some time this year working in the outdoor classroom up at Frogmary farm. We are looking forward to more exciting learning and adventures over the coming year.

 Welcome to the Spring term. This term we will be using the theme "Animals" using a range of fact and fiction books. We are also looking at our Christian Values for the term 'Perseverance and Trust '.


This week we have been learning...











Parent curriculum meeting

Curriculum Yearly Overview

Thank you to all our wonderful parents and carers who are supporting the community through this challenging time.