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Welcome to Owl Class.

'Embracing the Fullness of Life'

John 10:10 "I am come, that they might have life, and that they might have it abundantly."


We are grown-up Reception children in Owl Class. Our teacher is Mrs Farr. We also have Mrs Taylor and Mr Best helping us. Our classroom is in the original part of the building and we have our own outdoor area and private doorway into the school. We are very lucky to have our own outside area which we access all day everyday. There are 30 children in our class.


We are very proud of our achievements and enjoy learning to be independent and creative. We like to share our success on our personal display space. Sometimes we work with grown-ups in small groups and other times we learn by exploring our own interests and ideas. The grown-ups make observations and plan activities to help us get better at our learning.


We are very lucky to have caring parents who support us at home with our learning, and help us to get organised when it is time for our class worship. 


Owl classroom is always busy and we love trying new things. We are very lucky to be able to spend some time this year working in the outdoor classroom up at Frogmary farm. We are looking forward to more exciting learning and adventures over the coming year.

Happy New Year to all members of the Owl Class family and welcome back to the Spring term. This term we will be looking at Dinosaurs starting using the book Dear Dinosaur. We are also looking at our new Christian Values for the term 'Perseverance and Trust'


This week we have been learning...




In Mathematics

We have been looking at ordering objects by weight. We were able to use mathematical language to describe which item was the heaviest/lightest and could order up to six objects as a group. We then explored new items for ourselves, ordering them to show how clever we are. Ask us to show you at home with some of our toys.


In Literacy

This week we had a surprise letter from a T Rex asking Owl Class if we could look after their eggs. We had a big discussion to try and guess what could be inside each egg as they are all different shapes and sizes.  We then recorded our ideas as sentences using our ever growing phonic knowledge. Over the week we have noticed that some of the eggs have started to hatch but we still can not tell what they all could be.









Parent curriculum meeting

Curriculum Yearly Overview

Welcome to Spring Term 2019